Rigging and Rigging Hardware Training Course

Rigging Training Course
Because the Best Riggers Are Safe Riggers!

Want to work with the best riggers in the business? The key is to maintain the highest levels of safety and productivity among even your most experienced rigging crews. Of course, there’s rigger training, and then again there’s certified rigger training. If your objective is to develop your lifting operations into the best there is, rely on the best crane rigger training in the industry — Equipment Training Solutions.

At ETS, our rigger training courses ensure that your rigging crews stay up-to-date with all applicable regulatory and consensus safety standards in the industry.  Our rigging and signal person trainingintegrates all of the following into a comprehensive, industrial-grade course:

  • The most current OSHA regulations
  • The most important aspects of ASME, including
    • B30.9 (Slings)
    • B30.10 (Hooks)
    • B30.26 (Rigging Hardware)

 The NCCCO Rigger Certification program makes it easy for employers to verify the training and knowledge of a rigger, ensure compliance, and update the skill set of the workforce.  The ETS Certified Rigger Training Course is an excellent way to prepare your employees to successfully complete the NCCCO Rigger Certification program. With its state-of-the-art animations and clear and concise demonstrations, your employees will receive the information they need to operate as a safe and productive rigger. Safer rigging is better for everybody—call (856) 669-8516 or contact usonline and discover how easy it is to start the training.